God cares about children, and so do we.

Kids are an important part of our church family.
We want them to grow up knowing and loving Jesus, and to see that following Jesus is the best way to live life. There are various programs we run for kids: 

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Mini Kids

(walking-age 5)

Time: Church on Sunday, 9:30am & 4pm.

Kids go out during church with 2-3 leaders. They read a Bible story together, sing a song, do some artwork and play outside in our playground.


Kids Club

(Kindergarten-Year 4)

Time: Church on Sunday, 9:30am & 4pm

Kids get to hear and learn from the Bible, sing songs together, play games and do art and craft together.

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Parent's room

For parents with young babies, we have a room equipped with change tables, comfy couches and babies' toys. While taking care of infants, you can still take part in church as the room looks out into the chapel and has a speaker broadcasting the service.