Starting university is an exciting time;
new freedoms, new friends and new opportunities to grow and explore.

Whether you are a Christian looking to deepen your faith,
or checking out Jesus for the first time,
UNEchurch is a great place to be.


UNE Church (7 PM)

We love our gathering at 7pm, it’s exciting to see so many uni students wanting to know more about Jesus. Come along and find uplifting music, solid teaching, great supper, and a forum to find answers to your questions. It’s a great community to be a part of as a uni student, we hope you feel warmly welcomed to come and be a part of our community!

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Christians United

This is the student-led AFES group on campus. A great way to get involved in mission at UNE, to be trained up as followers of Jesus, and to do fellowship with other Christian students. We run social and evangelistic events, bible studies, camps and prayer groups all year long. Head over to our facebook page to get in contact and grab more information about events we run!


International Students


The good news about Jesus is for everyone, so it is great that at UNE we have people coming to study from so many different countries. If you are an international student, we’d love to get to know you, to give you an opportunity to learn english, and to help you understand the good news about Jesus. You are welcome at our international student bible study, or at our International Student Service, 4pm on Sunday. Contact us for more information.