Gus Robinson

Position: Senior associate minster

Gus is married to Christy and they have 4 young, lively kids. Gus became a Christian at uneChurch some 20 years ago when he was surprised by the rational, historical basis for the claims of Jesus Christ. 

Gus was a school teacher for 7 years before heading to bible college to train for ministry. Having served as the minister in Tenterfield, he is stoked to back at his ‘home’ church. As the Maturity Pastor, his main responsibilities are to basically do anything that helps us grow in our faith. He teaches the bible, coordinates the Cell Groups, trains and equips leaders and provide pathways for new leaders to develop. Gus is currently delving back into study by looking at biblical counselling and theological education.

Gus loves being paid to study and teach the Bible. In his spare time he loves heading out bush with his beloved Patrol and is waiting for the Bledisloe Cup to come back home.