Come along and check out one of our weekly Sunday gatherings. You're warmly welcome!




The heart of our life together at UNEchurch is when we gather Sunday by Sunday to meet with God through his word, to meet to pray for each other and the world, and share  our lives over a coffee at the end of the service. 



St. Marks UNEChurch has a series of different ministries for Children during services and also at other times of the week. Children are a vital part of the uneChurch family. We seek to nurture and grow them by supporting their parents and carers and by running programmes to train them up in love and awe of the Lord Jesus.

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St. Marks UNEChurch is dedicated to seeing young people come to know Jesus and have a personal relationship with Him. St. Marks has several youth programs including SMYG and Senior high bible study.


Students are a vital part of our Church, being located on the UNE campus we have a unique opportunity to be involved with the students. St. Marks is dedicated to proclaiming the gospel to as many students as possible while they are here at UNE.