We love introducing people to Jesus, helping them to grow in their trust of Jesus, and equipping them to serve in God’s world.



The heart of our community at uneChurch is when we gather every Sunday to get to know God through His Word, to sing praises and pray to Him, and to share our lives over a coffee at the end of the service. Sceptics welcome!



We love having kids of all ages as a vital part of the uneChurch family. We seek to nurture and grow them by caring for them, having fun with them, and teaching them how much they are loved by Jesus. We have a range of different activities aimed at kids at all our services and during the week.

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We love seeing young people come to know Jesus and have a personal relationship with Him. We run a Friday night youth group called SMYG, as well as various Bible studies during the week and during our 3 services.


uneChurch is uniquely situated on campus to help students come to know Jesus, to learn more about the Bible, and to serve the wider UNE community. We partner with Christians United to care for students, to run Bible studies and camps, and to provide a great Christian community.